Friday, March 26, 2021

Final Covid Shot & a Request


Wednesday, three weeks after our first shot, we drove back up to North Kansas City to get our second Covid shot.  We received the Pfizer vaccine and were told that in two weeks we should hopefully be 95% protected.  Of course, everyone still has to wear masks and observe social distancing, etc. regardless of having had the vaccine.  We chose to drive about 45 minutes away to get our shots so we could get them sooner rather than wait an unknown amount of time.  The area where we live has been very slow getting the vaccine and the waiting list is long.  We didn't mind the drive because we enjoy driving through Kansas City once in a while.  Just for fun, I took a few pictures on the way there and back.  You can tell it was a cloudy day.

KC Royals Baseball Stadium and the
 KC Chiefs Football Stadium is right behind it.

Heading into the city you can see a portion
 of the KC skyline, despite the clouds.

Crossing the Missouri River on the
Bond Bridge on the way home.

After receiving our second shot Tom and I each had the usual sore arm and he had no other side effects.  Unfortunately, this time the side effects got to me.  I was down with a fever, headache and general flu type feelings all day yesterday.  I slept most of the day and didn’t even read blogs, so sorry for no comments yesterday!  I’m better today although I still have a headache that just doesn’t want to leave.  I have to buy groceries today since I didn’t feel like it yesterday, but hopefully I’ll be back to 100% soon.  This is one time I’m grateful to feel bad if it means getting the vaccine!  We look forward to feeling at least a little safer in a couple of weeks and maybe even going out occasionally!  I am hoping that anyone out there that has not yet gotten the vaccine is able to get it soon!  This could be our way out of this pandemic.

I have a favor to ask of all my friends here.  My older brother, Charlie, has been diagnosed with cancer and I wonder if you could say a prayer or maybe have some healing thoughts for him.  He had surgery on March 15th to remove a cancerous tumor inside the salivary gland on the left side of his face.  They also had to remove the lymph nodes in his neck on that side.  Because of the type of surgery, a nerve on that side of his face had to be cut which left him unable to move any part of his face, mouth or eye on the left side.  He now has to wear an eye patch since he cannot blink or close his left eye.  He will be starting radiation treatments soon.  I have to say Charlie is one amazing person of great faith!  He is taking all of this so well despite the discomfort and pain.  Six years ago he decided to move to Costa Rica.  He is a big nature lover, birder and bird photographer.  Costa Rica provides him everything he loves in nature and bird photography.  He also has a blog if anyone is interested:  Retired in Costa Rica .  Thank you so much for any prayers and good thoughts you can send his way!




Tuesday, March 16, 2021



Last Thursday, March 11th was an anniversary of sorts.  On that day one year ago the World Health Organization declared that we were in a pandemic.  It seemed so strange at first because for many of us the problems with Covid were “somewhere far away”.  Well, that didn’t last long.  I remember checking a map online that illustrated the growth and spread of Covid across the world.  That quickly changing map combined with the constant news reports made us realize it was soon to be almost everywhere.  Then we had the sudden rush for food and supplies followed by many empty shelves in the stores and it truly felt like we were living in a science fiction movie.  Even today, a year later, when I go out and see everyone in masks it just doesn’t seem real.                                                               

We have been living a chapter in history that our ancestors will read about in the future.  There have certainly been pandemics before but nothing like this in my lifetime.  Fortunately, history is being made in another way that will hopefully lead us out of this pandemic.  Vaccines have never been developed as quickly as the ones we have now and after just a few months we are seeing a difference already.  We now have hope that we are really coming out of this.  Not only is Spring coming, but also hopefully, a gradual return to a more normal life. 

Many people have said that the past year has changed them in both positive and negative ways.  I know I don’t feel the same as I did a year ago.  I’ve been far less active and as a result do not feel as physically fit.  The lack of contact with other people has also left its mark on me, as I’m sure it has for others as well.  On the positive side, I’ve learned to appreciate so many things in life that I took for granted before the pandemic.  I hope that lesson will stay with me.  Has the past year changed you, and if so how?       

Spring is on the way and a more normal life is getting closer.



Sunday, March 7, 2021



Our waiting for the first Covid vaccination finally ended last Wednesday when we were fortunate to receive our first injection of the Pfizer vaccine.  Back when the vaccines first came out, I signed up on three different waiting lists, a state, a county and at a local hospital.  The age group we qualified for (over 65) had been open for over a month before I received an email offering us appointments through the state list I had signed up on. 

We had a very good experience from start to end.  I was at first not sure what it would be like since it was the first “mass vaccinations” done in our area.  It was held at a large company’s office headquarters in North Kansas City.  The National Guard was handling much of the event.  

We arrived at the first parking area and were directed where to park and told to wait in the car.  Within five minutes a Guardsman came to our car and checked our appointment confirmations.  He then directed us to another parking lot next to the building.  There were uniformed Guardsmen all over the parking lots directing the cars where to go and where to park.  They even had Valet parking for those that could not walk very far. 

Once we parked, we went in the building after being given medical masks to wear over the masks we already had on.  Although there was a line of people, we very quickly went into the area where the shots were given and received our shots.  We were then directed to a large room with spaced chairs to wait the required 15 minutes.  They had slides playing on a large screen telling us what to expect as far as any side effects.  As soon as the time was up we went back to the car and left.  Everything was very efficient and it only took 30 minutes from the time we went inside until we left, including the waiting time.  By the look of the number of people I would guess they were getting at least 200 – 300 in and out each hour.  

We have done fine since we received our vaccine.  Tom has not had any side effects and I only had a few minor ones.  I had a slightly sore arm and I felt achy for that evening and the next day.  My glands on the left side of my neck have also  been a bit sore and that is all.  We go back for our second shot in three weeks.  I know we will still have to wear masks and be cautious but it does give a feeling of being at least a little safer.  

I hope anyone that has not been able to get vaccinated yet will be able to very soon.  For those in the U.S. there are finally more doses becoming available and I hear by May they will be vaccinating everyone, not just the older or immune compromised.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  I send my best to you all!